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Using two main tools and softwares: adobe illustrator and adobe inDesign.

The first one used to design and develop single page layouts, the second one to design book or multi-page documents. 



Car-Taxi-Bike Sharing

The project was a corporate image and a brand manual for Monza city and his sharing system (bike, car and taxi). During the course we made also a video teaser that promotes the events and the activities that we imagine for the city. 

Course of Artefatti e sistemi complessi at Politecnico di Milano. 

In collaboration with:
Claudia Sbarra
Benedetta Maglio
Wang Xaojao
Luisa Frascogna



The project presents Socioeconomic family planning implication as main theme. In the first part of research the work focused on the reason why family planning has been established. In a second moment, the focus moved to the health topic, as contraceptives is a hot topic and comprehends both economical resources, because of farmaceutical industry, and ethic problems, as one of the main controversy about family planning is about its rightness from a religious point of view. 
Output of the research was a video and a report that shows the main actors in the system of the contraceptives and theire points of view. 
Course of Final Synthesis at Politecnico di Milano. 
In collaboration with:
Viviana Ferro
Ilaria Pagin
Sara Pandini
Federica Sciuto
“Around the world: the atlas for today”, published by Gestalten.



This book supports the designer during the development process or the test and analysis phases of a packaging, allowing the increase of accessibility. The term accessibility refers to the ability of a product to communicate, interact and of being usable by the widest range of people possible.

In the volume were systematized 32 user-centred tools and methods applied in the area of packaging design. It is a ring binder with removable cards, each of them displays the information for the use of the methods in an organized and essential way. The cards were arranged according on the actions made in the development process:
methods and tools to explore
that is for examine the context and the interactions between users and packagings. 
methods and tools to create
to address the operative phase of the project, in which the designer and the users collaborate for the development.
methods and tools to check
to test the functionalities of the packaging. 
methods and tools “horizontal”
that are usable in all the development phases. 
It is an “open” system,  updatable and customizable to the needs of each designer, so it’s easy to identify and group the most useful cards or most frequently used onea. Some cards have a graphic template in A4 format, supplied both in hard copy (so it can be photocopied and enlarged in A3 format) and in an editable digital copy inside the CD attached to the volume. 

The project is developed in continuity with:
Packaging Design Accessibility Toolkit, metodi e strumenti user-centred al servizio del progettista. Thesis by Elisa Zamarian. Politecnico di Milano, Design School – Accademic year 2013/2014, Master’s degree in Communication Design, Supervisor: Erik Ciravegna, Co-supervisor: Valeria Luisa Bucchetti.