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web marketing and communication officer – solari di udine / 07 September- today
Web marketing and communication officer for the Company SOLARI DI UDINE SPA. Via Gino Pieri 29, Udine.
Creation of images, official documents and videos, for the internal communication or through social media, of the company and his brands. Intermediary, for the communication, between company and agencies. Content updating (images or texts) of company websites, both in English and Italian.

intern – solari di udine / 13 April 2015 – August
Internship for the Company SOLARI DI UDINE SPA. Via Gino Pieri 29, Udine.
Creation of images, documents or videos, for the internal communication or through social media, of the company and its trademarks. Content update (images or texts) of the company websites, in italian or english.

graphic freelance collaboration / 25 March 2015 – September
Collaboration with the Graphic Freelance Maria Francesca Ruggiero, Sacile (UD).
Back office for the website Creation of images and post to be posted inside the Facebook page of the Company – Progetto Benessere. Designing of images and texts for the Newsletters of the shop.

150 hours internship / March – July 2014
at Fundraising Office of Politecnico di Milano.
Design of the flyer for the 5×1000 fundraising initiative of Politecnico di Milano. For the same project, typesetting of the letters for the students by the association “Sostieni Polimi”. Develop of the promotional presentations for Companies and Corporations, that aimed to promote and ask funds for the University. Layout typesetting of the English translations of the brochures.

workshop “una lunchbag per te” / October – March 2014
at Preziosissimo Sangue Art School of Monza.
Teaching assistance and photography of the teaching lessons. Collaboration for the designing of the teaching material, and for the final display that was held inside Per Te Restaurant.

curricular internship / March – July 2013
at Politecnico di Milano, Research Department, UDRD Dcom Design della Comunicazione Identity Systems / Packaging Design.
Catalogation and research of useful Communicational Designs’ materials inside four main themes. Aim of this collection were the systematization of the research material, for an easier fruition by reserachers and teacher of the Department.

other experiences..
Proof reader and archive management inside some graphic studios and design studios in Udine.



Masters Degree
Communication Design /
at Politecnico di Milano.
1/10/2014. Degree mark 103/110
Thesis Title: Packaging Design Accessibility Toolkit. Strumenti e metodi user-centred al servizio del progettista. Manuale che sistematizza 32 strumenti user-centred e li declina per lo sviluppo dell’accessibilità del packaging design.

Bachelor’s Degree
Industrial Design /
at Politecnico di Milano.
Degree mark 99/110
Thesis Title: Air Cleaner, sistema di depurazione dell’aria. Progettato per l’applicazione nelle zone residuali urbane. Si inserisce all’interno del tema di progettazione “100 Virtuous Cities”.

High School Diploma
graphic, advertising and photography /
at Istituto Statale D’Arte “G. Sello”
Mark 100/100.

Toeic Test
English Knowledge certificate /
at Istituto Campanella di Milano.
Mark 655 _ B2.