Shoebox Superga

The concept aims to integrate the functions of the primary packaging of the shoes with that of a shopping bag, thus reducing the enviromental impact of the overall packaging-system. The package is equipped with a lace that can be extended to allow and facilitate the transport as well as the extraction from the shelves. It is composed of a “shell” and an internal tray-drawer. The latter was upholstered with a classic pattern, used in the first boxes produced by the company in the 70s.

The only used material has been cellulose pulp, biodegradable material that allows injection moulding.

Project developed and selected for the international student competition “Remarkable Packagings & Alternatives” within the “Emballage” packaging exhibition, achieving the second prize (Paris, November 19-22, 2012).

Elisa Zamarian
Viviana Ferro
Claudia Sbarra